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Karin Bucher and Thomas Karrer first paid a short visit to Chandigarh in 2015. They were fascinated by the familiar-looking, modern houses and structures, all set in a completely unfamiliar culture. They have since travelled to Chandigarh six more times and spent 24 weeks exploring the capital on foot, by bike and by rikshaw, making many friends along the way. 


Karin Bucher has been developing exhibition and theatre projects as a freelance scenographer since 2002 for renowned cultural institutions, theatres and museums, as well as free site-specific projects such as audio walks, theatrical tours and installation exhibitions in collaboration with creative artists from all disciplines.


Thomas Karrer has spent the last 30 years making numerous video portraits and short documentaries for educational institutions, non-profit organisations, museums, cantons and municipalities, as well as for the online platforms of the University of St. Gallen.

His first cinema documentary Zwischenwelten had its world premiere at the Solothurn Film Festival in 2020 and enjoyed great success despite pandemic restrictions. 

Das Regieteam
Thomas Karrer und Karin Bucher

The two have completed a wide range of film projects together, and have received several awards for their work.

They live and work in the Palais Bleu cooperative in Trogen. 

Making off_02.jpg

Atul Sharma lives in Panchkula, one of the two satellite towns of Chandigarh. Inspired by Eric Satie, he composed the music for the film, bringing together East and West in a powerful and enchanting synergy. After all, says Atul playfully, Sartie was also a utopian of his time.

Utopia movie music
Typewriter movie music
Atul Sharma im Studio
Atul Sharma


direction & conzeption


collaboration screenplay

research & contact on site





dramaturgical advice


Text narrative voice



music composition

musik assistent

sounddesign & mixture

colour grading




Thomas Karrer

Karin Bucher

Thomas Karrer

Karin Bucher

Valerie Knill

Vikramjeet Singh Thakur

Chandan Gill

Thomas Karrer

Karin Bucher

Fabian Kaiser

Thomas Karrer

Mirjam Krakenberger

Christina Caprez

Julia Tal

Karin Bucher

Christina Caprez

Steph Eberhard

Sandra Löwe

Atul Sharma

Rajat Raj

Jürg von Allmen

Timo Inderfurth

Nicole Bucher

Martin Wülser

Patrick Oser

Stefanie Kuchler

Pascal Trächslin

Mischa Hurdes


In einer Zeitungsredaktion
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Special thanks to Vikramjeet Singh Thakur from Chandigarh, who has always put his knowledge and network at our disposal. We would not have been able to make the film in Chandigarh without his help. He is also a builder of bridges between East and West, and we highly recommend him as a tour guide.

Im Studio in Panchkula

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Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Dr. Fred Styger Stiftung, Lienhard Stiftung, Steinegg Stiftung, Succés Cinema, Daniela Knoepfel


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